Friday, September 5, 2014

Chori Burger (New York's Best Burger)

Image of 3 Chori burgers
Chori Burger 3 Way

Chori Burger (New York's Best Burger)

Burger is one of the most popular food in the United States of America. But just recently, the most delicious burger in New York City was awarded to Jeepney Gastropub, a Filipino restaurant in the apple city owned by Nicole Ponseca and Chef Miguel Trinidad. Their entry? The Chori burger, its patty is made with ground beef and filipino sausage (a.k.a longganisa). And to make the chori burger really filipino, the owner use banana catsup instead of tomato ketchup. It goes with papaya pickles or atsara and sweet potato fries ( kamote fries). You can have this champion burger for only $17 (more or less P731 in Philippine currency). 

But did you know that the original chori burger was originated in Boracay? Yes, you are reading it right! The chori burger was made popular by Merly's BBQ, a local food stall along the beach of Boracay.

Merly's BBQ offers only grilled foods and skewers, but their foreign tourists need for bread  made them decide to sell burgers using chorizo/longganisa as burger patties and banana catsup as an alternative to tomato catsup and they shout it "chori burger" which means chorizo burger.

Due to its demand and popularity, other big restaurants on the beach also started to sell chori burgers, but Merly's BBQ owner proudly say that their chori burger is the best and the original and they're glad that the popularity of their burger have reached up to New York City U.S.A.

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